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Extract Translation

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Extract Translation VS Full Translation

Extract Translation

Extract translations are used to prove evidence for all official purposes in Australia, including for citizenship or visa applications, etc. Only the relevant information is translated, following official templates.

Full Translation

Full translations are exact replications of the foreign-language document, translated into English. Everything is included in the translation. This is suitable when full translations are stated as being a requirement.

HOW IT WORKS: Extract Translations


Upload your documents

Upload an electronic copy or take a photo of your document and populate the required fields by highlighting the key information and entering the English equivalent.


Make payment & submit job

Once you have populated as many fields as possible, make payment and submit the document for review.


Translator reviews

The translator checks and edits the job. If the translator deems a field to be incorrect, they can correct it on your behalf for $2.49 per field (after editing 2 fields for free).


Customer reviews

If the translator makes changes, the job is passed back to you for review. Please check each field carefully and use the message box to request any changes be made. Once happy with the final document, please click ‘finish review’ to return the job to the translator for certification.


Documents ready for download

Once the job is finalised, the system will notify you that your documents are ready for download. If required, the documents can also be printed by the translator, stamped and signed in ink then sent via post for an additional postage and handling fee.

What do I need to do now?

Click on the 'get started' link below, register for an AcudocX account, choose the language, document type, whether you want to do it yourself or let the translator do it, complete the process and make payment. If name spelling is not written in Latin, please provide the correct spelling of names. 

How long will it take?

Self-service jobs might take you 10-15 minutes to process. If submitted to us during business hours, we can guarantee a 1-hour turnaround (or less). Standard extracts will be returned within 1 business day and full translations may take 1-2 business days.

Payment options?

You can pay with Visa/Mastercard or PayPal via AcudocX. For quotation jobs, we can offer bank transfers or other payment methods.

“The translation and the turnaround time with the new AcudocX app was even faster than the first time! Also the cost was more than reasonable.”
“Fast and very professional service, the translations were perfect and well presented.”
“Highly recommend service, process quick and easy.”

NAATI-Certified Translators

When Words Matter, Rely on our NAATI-Certified Translators

Whatever translation work you need, everything starts with words. We convey your words as you mean them. DJHartmann Translation hits the right note. Since 2017, DJHartmann has been the number one-ranked NAATI-Certified Translator for numerous Thais in Australia who wish to apply for citizenship, permanent or temporary residency, student visas, partner visas or need translations of other official documents.

The Importance of Accurate Translations

The translation market has a very mixed supply. Many part-time translators provide their ‘services’ but cannot ensure the necessary professionalism. In general, most cannot even offer same-day delivery. That is a shame because some documents need to be returned quickly. We make an excellent first impression, we can deliver within the hour! When it comes to quality, choose a reliable translator with the necessary qualifications. That way, none of your message will be lost.

Due to our strict quality control, we can deliver your translations with the prime quality that even the most demanding customers expect, time and time again. Of course, we are happy to do the same for you.

  • Legal translations require extraordinary rigour. After all, legal institutions and procedures differ from country to country or, in the case of Australia, even from continent to continent. Often a legal term has an entirely different meaning in English. Our certified translators are incredibly knowledgeable about legal systems and write in Australian English. They know how to turn any nuances into legally valid documents so that no mistake is possible. Especially if you need a NAATI certified legal or immigration document translations, you can count on our team.
  • For technical and mining documents, you need a NAATI certified translator who is well-versed in the vocabulary of mining, engineering, high tech, and social as well as environmental impact assessments. Another sector closely connected to technology is the environment. We ensure consistent use of any specific terminology, and will consult with you on this subject if necessary. You may rest assured, our translators understand the differences in terminology and culture, and guarantee 100% accuracy.
  • Do you want to have a medical text translated for your colleagues or other medical professionals, or does it need to be readable for laypeople? Our translators understand the difference between patient and participant-facing and expert-facing and can adapt to your audience. Our translators are familiar with medical terminology and nomenclatures and regularly provide high-quality medical translations for clinical trials and pharmaceutical companies, government authorities and healthcare institutions. DJHartmann’s main specialisation since 2014 has been the translation of clinical trial documentation for the world’s leading pharmaceutical agencies.
  • Translating for the financial sector requires an understanding of the sometimes colourful language of the financial world. Our translators know what it means when people talk about a clowngrade, a sushi bond and a Valium picnic. Abbreviations such as IFRS, SOX and EBITA are also familiar to our team. Nuances are critical in the financial world, so you can count on our team to translate them with that in mind. As a bank or accountant, and certainly as a listed company, you must be able to rely on translations that bear witness to the necessary professional knowledge. Our trusted team have experience translating mutual fund and investment finance prospectuses sometimes over 100,000 words long, for the world’s leading financial institutions.

What You Can Expect

For NAATI-Certified Translations from DJHartmann Translation Pty Ltd, you are welcome to hire our team for a wide range of documents, for example:

  • Legal and court documents, ranging from general conditions, contracts, summons, judgements, statutes, powers of attorney, patents, legal correspondence, licences. However, my certification also allows for the translation of official personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, name changes, household registrations, ID cards, transcripts, diplomas, certificates of good conduct, wills, adoption certificates, applications for citizenship and immigration documents.
  • Technical and Mining: Count on us to translate manuals, assembly instructions, product specifications, safety instructions and product brochures, no matter if you are active in nanotechnology, robotics or space exploration. DJHartmann has been a lead translator involved in a particular international mining litigation between the Kingdom of Thailand and an Australian company since 2017. You can trust our experience and expertise in this matter.
  • Medical: Your translations of ethics committee letters, leaflets, product descriptions, clinical trial reports, scientific articles and information material are in safe hands with us.
  • Financial: Thanks to our thorough knowledge, everyone will understand our translations of your contracts, annual reports, half-yearly and quarterly reports, offer documents and prospectuses.

We use the latest techniques and tools so that the result is consistent. All our translations are thoroughly checked. Unless the translation is required to be verbatim, we write in a natural style that matches contemporary discourse. Even experts will not notice that the document they are holding was translated.

About DJHartmann Translation

Thanks to DJHartmann’s native English, knowledge of the Thai language at an expert level and of the country’s culture, he is your best choice for an accurate but natural and fast translations. While our rate per word to translate is competitive, the quality of our translations always meets clients’ expectations. DJHartmann’s profession was born out of a passion for a beautiful country and a desire to give back. It matured through intensive training at the best schools and renowned universities, under the mentorship of some prominent teachers. Twenty years of experience are at your disposal. We love doing this work, and it shows.

Our clients commend us for our eye for detail, for treating their documents with the necessary confidentiality, flexibility, and our innovative mindset. We never keep anyone waiting. Our projects are always within your deadline. Whether you are a new client or an existing one, whether you have a two-line text or a mega job, contact us if you require any information or a price quote. We also pride ourselves on replying promptly to your queries.