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About DJHartmann Translation

If you have important documents that you need to translate from the Thai language to English, you will probably need a professional translator. Primarily if you operate a business or are translating sensitive documents, a professional translator can meet your needs better than anyone else, such as a friend who happens to speak both languages involved. In fact, a professional can indeed save you time and money by doing the job efficiently and correctly the first time. DJHartmann offers translation services from Thai to English for Thai individuals living in Australia or from anywhere in the world. When you work with me, the quality of your project is assured.

Benefits of Professional Translation of Thai to English

If you have been frustrated in the past by the results of your translations, it may be because the translator you hired was not trained and certified adequately to translate from Thai to Eng. It’s a mistake to assume that anyone who can speak another language can translate it. Subpar translation typically fails to convey the intended meaning of your text.

Simply put, unprofessional translations can have unwanted effects on your business, your goals, and your life in general. If you need translation services to reach all your customers, the last thing you want is to deliver the wrong message to them and lose their trust, or send them work written with poor English grammar (a common trait of many non-native translators). Here are a few of the most important benefits of hiring a professional when you need to translate Thai to English text.

  • Consistent business communication. Your business content must be consistent. Inconsistent content can harm your brand’s reputation. For global businesses, maintaining consistency throughout your content, even in different languages, is vital. Professional translators can help international brands implement the tone they want and include the correct terminology to ensure that the translated content adheres to the source’s intended meaning.
  • Culturally correct content. Professional translators can deliver content that is organised, easy to read, and grammatically correct. It’s easier for native language translators to pick up local influences and references effortlessly. Most languages have slight differences based on the specific region. Professional translators know how to spot these and use them correctly in the translated content.
  • Deep knowledge of the native language. A professional translator’s understanding of the native language runs deep. They are not only native speakers but also aware of the cultural nuances that come up so often in language. These translators know how to use culturally appropriate language based on the preferences and sensibilities of the content’s end users. When you reach out to your native-speaking target audience with a clear and consistent message, you can create a good rapport with your readers and maintain your brand image.
  • Accurate translation. Accuracy is of the utmost importance in translated content. Professional translators have the appropriate training to translate content accurately and deliver spell-checked, grammatically correct, and skilfully written content. That’s because they don’t just transpose words into another language; they also ensure that the cultural preferences of the language and its variances are all accurately translated.

Tips Regarding Hiring a Thai to English Translator

It can be tricky to find a professional translator to handle important documents unless you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that can help you find a qualified Thailand language translator.

Determine your translation needs. You have some options when you set out to find someone to translate from Thai to English. For example, do you have so much work that you need to bring someone onto staff full-time, or do you only have a one-off project, such as a Thai birth certificate translation? Consider the type of project involved, the run-around time needed, the difficulty of the subject matter, and anything else that affects what kind of services you need. Especially if you are translating business communications or sensitive documents, you’ll want to find a qualified professional that can handle the job.

Check the translator’s qualifications. No matter what you need to translate from Thai to Eng, it’s essential to determine the translator’s credentials you’re considering. Translator skills vary widely, so you need to know what to look for. First, understand the difference between being bilingual and being a qualified translator. Just because someone speaks two languages fluently does not mean that they are qualified to translate professionally. A good translator doesn’t just know the languages; they also understand the complex cultural and linguistic differences between them and trained in translation specifically. If the translator is sharing their university credentials, what is the reputation, global ranking and academic standing of their university?

Learn about going rates for your project. Prices in the translation industry vary widely. A translator may charge per word, per page, or hour. A range of factors determines the fees. The translator’s qualifications, availability of translators in the field or language, the project’s level of difficulty, and the requested turnaround time all influence rates. Keep in mind that some languages command higher fees than others. It’s usually best to avoid paying an hourly rate because it could cost more than you expect. Finally, beware of translators who seem to be charging far too little – they may lack the necessary qualifications.

See if you can negotiate a reduced rate for redundant projects. Specific translation projects, such as technical manuals or legal projects, often contain repetitive language, which means less work for the translator. If you have a project with a significant amount of redundant wording, you can ask your provider if they will provide a discount. They can determine how much of the document is redundant and adjust their rate accordingly. This will not apply if your project is a one-time situation, such as renewing a Thai passport in Australia.

What You Should Know About Hiring a Translator for Thai to English

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you work with a professional translator.

Submitting your document is easy. The first thing you’ll do is submit your translation documents. You can either submit your documents via the convenient online AcudocX system which handles submission, payment and delivery, or email scanned documents or files to You will receive a reply with an attached invoice. Once we have agreed on a rate and you have submitted your payment, I will translate your document immediately.

Include all necessary information. If you need identity documents translated, such as a Thai birth certificate in Australia or a passport, be sure to include any specific information required. Be sure to have the document holder’s name and (if necessary) their parents’ names spelled out in English, as well as any associated name change documents if the names do not match.

Know how long it will take. If you are using the AcudocX system, your document can be completed within minutes. If you email your submission, translation will begin when I receive your payment. Most projects are completed and emailed back to you within one to two days. Once you confirm the translation, you will then receive your documents by express mail as soon as possible. Be aware that lengthier documents may take slightly longer to complete.

Choose your payment method. You may make your payment in several different ways – submit a bank transfer, send money via PayPal or cash. I also accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment. I ask that you submit proof of your payment along with each translation request once you have made your payment.

I offer a wide range of services. I can provide translation services for a variety of document types. For example, I can handle translations for birth records, name change certificates, marriage and divorce records, and national ID cards. I can either deliver extract translations or complete translations, depending on your needs. I can also translate other documents; rates depend on factors such as source content and formatting.

About DJHartmann

I offer translation services for Thais living in Australia and applying for citizenship here. I provide NAATI-certified translation services, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your completed project is accurate and high-quality. I have almost two decades of translation experience and a Thai-English certification from NAATI, as well as in-country experience since high school.

I focus on translating issues relating to applied anthropology, international development, refugees and migration, human trafficking, NGOs, indigenous people’s rights, land tenure, social impact assessments, and much more. My prices are highly competitive, and my turnaround times are fast. For help with Thailand to English translations, contact DJHartmann today.