Rumination 6: What’s 1 minute of your time worth?

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I celebrated my first $1000 day putting jobs through #AcudocX yesterday (8 Sep 21), with 12 customers submitting jobs of various sizes all in the one morning!!!!!!! This was a big milestone for me as the first AX provider and I can’t wait to join each of the new AcudocX providers in celebrating their first $1000 day too!

The beauty of the system is that it allows me to advertise very cheap prices for some self-service translations (I have 3 out of 18 templates advertised at $10, all which are basic, bilingual, and take ~30 seconds to finish) with the rest of my self-service translations set at more reasonable prices. However, not all customers want to do it themself and are happy to pay my premium price ‘for the translator to do it’ (i.e. standard templates). AcudocX gives them the choice.

What is 1 minute of your time worth?

This works as a great hook to get customer attention.

Additionally, I would rather avoid taking full-translations via AcudocX, so my price is set at a level high enough to convince most customers to choose the template options, and high enough to convince me that it’s worth doing. The point is, it’s not a race to the bottom as some might suggest, it gives customers the choice. If they want to pay for a full translation they can, if they want to spend time completing the job via self-service they can, or they can just let the translator do it if they want. AcudocX just adds another product to the certified translation market.

The reality is that handling the 12 customers yesterday with various job sizes and requirements would’ve taken me a lot longer and the work would have taken around 3 days to complete, not to mention having numerous emails and countless files to handle and check. AcudocX helped me finish this all before lunch, without any emails or calls from customers, and I was able to continue my regular workload after sharing a meal with my wife! (that was the most valuable part).

As more customers are pleased with this system, they tell their communities, friends and family about you, and then we as AX providers progressively get more customers who we might of never heard from before (i.e. frictionless transactions). A bit of social media advertising/SEO helps too.

I look forward to hearing all the new AX Provider success stories!


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