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About DJHartmann

Dylan J Hartmann MSt (ANU)

NAATI Certified Translator, Thai into English

Why am I your best choice for translation?

  • Majored in Thai at university
  • Passed strict Thai-English translation testing by the Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters
  • Completed post-graduate degree from top-20 world-ranked university
  • Australian registered, tax-paying business, with all associated liabilities

Hiring me as your Thai-English translator ensures a level of professionalism, expertise, accuracy and integrity with your project, backed up by years of industry experience and credentials from the top universities.

Having nearly 2 decades of experience with Thai language, combined with Thai-English translator certification from NAATI, in-country experience since high school, as well as bachelor and post-graduate specialisation in Thai studies…the quality of your project is assured!

Furthermore, my work is thoroughly checked and is written in a style that matches contemporary discourse so that an English-speaking reader will not even realise that the document is a translation.

My Facebook page can be viewed here: DJHartmann Translation Facebook Page

I am an Australian citizen, with a vast amount of experience living and working in Thailand and a level of cultural comprehension comparable to few.

My expert credentials include a Master of Studies degree from the Australian National University (ANU), a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Thai Language and Culture from Mae Fah Luang University (MFU), Thai-English Translator Certification from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), and membership with the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT).

I have also completed a Certificate III in Micro Business Operations and Certificate I in Photography, in addition to being a PADI certified scuba diver and cyclist!

I began translation/interpretation in the year 2002 while volunteering in a displaced children’s refuge on the Thai-Burma border; this was after I began learning Thai in the year 2000 as a high school student at Chiang Mai International School, Thailand. I then moved back to Australia and majored in Thai studies at ANU under the tutorage of the renowned lecturer, Ajarn Chintana Sandilands. I completed this Thai Language and Culture degree in Thailand at MFU. I finished my university studies with a master’s degree back at ANU, majoring in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development.

With this background and expertise in mind I am able to translate an average of 15,000 words per week.

I specialise in the translation of issues relating to applied anthropology, international development, NGO’s, refugees and migration, human trafficking, indigenous peoples’ rights, the effects of mining and resource extraction on local communities, social impact assessments, land tenure and environmental management.

I also have a broad range of experience in many other fields of translation and with consideration of my training, I am able to adapt my skills to the translation of most types of material.

With regard to this, the bulk of my work consists of technical translations such as clinical trial and banking documentation.

In addition to translation, I also offer localisation from US or UK English to Australian English.

As a work platform, I use the fully licensed version of Wordfast Pro (compatible with most other CAT tools).

Thank you for the consideration in working with your company.

Sincere regards,

Dylan J Hartmann 



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