Sunsilk is a hair care brand produced by the Unilever group. The brand was introduced in 1954 in the UK, available in most global countries, it is known as Sedal in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, Seda in Brazil,

With quality ingredients and innovative formulations, Sunsilk shampoos are rich and Sunsilk conditioners are thick and creamy. An impressive range of Sunsilk styling products give you simply beautiful hair.

Advanced formulations with Keratin Micro Technology TM reconstruct the hair surface, while micro nutrients penetrate into the hair cortex to deeply nourish the hair. For coloured hair try Sunsilk Keratinology Colour Therapy range with Keratin Micro Technology. It provides intensive nourishment to prolong the beauty of coloured hair. Sunsilk Co-Creation Longer & Stronger Shampoo and Conditioner helps hair grow longer and reach its maximum length. Enriched with calcium and rooibos, this unique formulation helps reduce breakage so that you can achieve the length you’ve always longed for.