One of the largest and broadest architectural practices in Southeast Asia, the 49 Group is a multi-disciplinary firm of design professionals and consultants forming a combined staff of more than 350. Headquartered in Bangkok, the Group integrates Architects 49 and 10 other specialized consulting companies, each supported by a staff of experts.

Most of the companies are housed under the same roof, while others are situated nearby. The group is thus organized to allow teams to work side-by-side, assuring the client of quick, efficient, and thorough service. Together, these firms are able to handle architectural projects of almost every type and scale.
Operating on a basis of strong teamwork, the 49 Group emphasizes collaboration and the sharing of skills, resources and experience. At the beginning of each project, the affiliated companies establish an interdisciplinary working team of experienced personnel, led by a principal. The team includes project managers in each required discipline, who guide their staff to work in coordination with one another on the project.
This methodology pools the company’s resources and ideas to find the best solution whether it involves design, engineering, construction management, project development, or the building’s utilization and long-term maintenance. Decisions reached collectively in this way often save time, effort and cost.
The 49 Group does all it can to ensure that results are high quality and that the client is satisfied