We hit 2k! A recap of 2020-2021

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We hit 2000 likes today on my translation business Facebook page!!!

Growth has been steady and consistent, and frankly speaking aligns with the amount I’ve spent on ads!!! (thanks Facebook and Google). But our success clearly shows how responsive Thai (and all other) customers are when given empowerment and the ability to enter their own information into basic extract translation templates.

Customers don’t need to hire an overpriced expert (me included) to fill out their personal details on a birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID card, licence etc. They don’t need to wait 2-3 business days for that either. Just enter their info and click ‘send’. Most of the time it takes around 1 min to complete, sometimes up to 3.

A revolution in speed and disruptive technology for our industry.

I earned 3x the amount from personal documents last year by discounting 80% (eventually raising prices ever so slightly). Unfortunately only one of the other certified Thai translators have signed up…the others have joined forces against me. I’ve had at least 5 official complaints made against me by certain people who have attempted to strip me of my certification (all were dismissed, of course)! The admin staff even told me they’d received more complaints but rejected them immediately because they were baseless. It’s almost been a year since we launched and almost the first anniversary of their first complaint.

Since then, I’ve presented at multiple national webinars and talks aimed at improving translator business acumen and success, I’ve recruited countless translators and agencies onto AcudocX, we broke the $300k mark in sales (for DJ แปลไทย – DJHartmann Translation Pty Ltd) for the first time and my LinkedIn profile is now rockin! — all in the midst of a pandemic with BORDERS CLOSED! Omg next year and 2023 are going to be mad!

don’t let bitches bring you down!” Keep striving for what you think is right. Keep driven to succeed and offer options to your customers, they’ll appreciate it.

Most of all I have my wife Hartmann N Pairor to thank for being my rock, and my 3 beautiful daughters: Ava Rita, Arya Charine, Adella Jan.

Mum and Dad’s wisdom has helped more than we can thank.

Keep posted for our next success.

NB. About those complaints: first one was because I called someone out on being a boaster and asked to fact check their ridiculous claims. She wasn’t even a certified translator but she was advised by other ‘so-called’ senior practitioners to complain against me, thereby burning the bridge to reconciliation. Many of the rest were aimed at my pricing structure. Funny thing is I began by offering $10 flat rate to get as many customers through the system to help be our initial customer base and help highlight things we needed to improve. Most other translators here in Aus charge between $45-55 for full translations. I kept my full translation rate at $99! Many other Thai translators don’t even offer cheap extracts (I suppose as a way to maximise sales revenue?) but on our system, if a customer selected an extract but asks for me to translate it, it’ll still cost them around $55. Finally, our glorious invention ‘self-service’ translations has allowed me to advertise nationally at a very low price (starting at $10!). I charge more for every other product they offer! I’ve had another few complaints about my Twitter feed (the demand for me to delete posts was a bit questionable but I didn’t give a damn about it). The last one was about someone losing face when a presenter on a national webinar invited me on stage to talk (after I raised my hand to talk about AcudocX, mentioning the security protocols that we’ve adopted). I shared a photo and their _ face was hidden but part of their name still showed (how pathetic was that complaint!).

Like I mentioned about burning bridges – I gave them full opportunity to rescind that first complaint after apologising for being hot-headed, and not very ‘Thai smile’, but they disregarded it and now face the consequences. What a shame!

They’ll probably find cause to complain about this. Phhffff

Anyway, if you got this far – “don’t let bitches bring you down!” Keep striving for what you think is right. Keep driven to succeed and offer options to your customers, they’ll appreciate it.


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